Why SIX?

What Is It?

SIX FOR MEN is the most complete nutritional supplement on the planet. It was conceived, designed and formulated to combat the aging process in active, performance-oriented, guys like you! Tested by endurance athletes, it has proven effective in building strength, maintaining energy, sharpening the mind, speeding recovery, and even helping improve sexual performance.

SIX FOR MEN gives you the edge longer, makes you feel younger, boosts your metabolism and keeps you going longer and faster. It will keep you running fast, swimming strong, and digging deep. SIX harnesses the power of healthy, natural ingredients that are safe and effective. Plus it has none of the complicated chemicals of the competing supplements or illegal compounds that can actually cause your body more harm than good.

SIX FOR MEN has been tested to be 100 percent safe. It has been proven effective to help guys like you sustain the active, rugged lifestyle you have been enjoying or are about to start enjoying. SIX FOR MEN meets or exceeds all FDA requirements for food and product safety and is manufactured in a GMP certified facility. SIX FOR MEN is proudly manufactured right here in the USA.

What Does It Do?

Optimizes Six Key Elements of the Athletic Lifestyle

SIX FOR MEN is the only men’s supplement specifically formulated to target the SIX key functions for optimal men’s health:

HEART SIX FOR MEN builds stamina and performance by feeding your heart with a host of natural, organic ingredients including Coenzyme Q-10, L-Arginine, Folic Acid, and Vitamin D, which are medically proven to support arterial wall health. Heart health is all about improving blood flow.

JOINT The Astaxanthin contained in SIX FOR MEN helps support cartilage and prevents damage to joints caused by the stress of tough workouts and athletic exertion. It also contains olive oil and glucosamine to ease joint pain, and Vitamin D and Vitamin E to keep your joints feeling youthful.

SEX The all-natural ingredients in SIX FOR MEN are designed to promote healthy sexual libido and performance. Key ingredients include Arginine to improve blood flow, Saw Palmetto and Pygeum Africanum to support prostate health, and pumpkin seed for proper hormonal balance.

MUSCLE SIX FOR MEN contains amino acids, which can help repair damaged muscles, increase lean muscle mass, and reduce lactic acid levels so you can have the strength and confidence to hit the gym for workouts that are longer and more intense.

MIND SIX FOR MEN can help focus and gives you clarity to keep your mind game ready. SIX contains electrolytes that focus your mind and enhance your nervous system function, as well as B-Vitamins and green tea extract that boost red blood cell production to keep your mind razor sharp and whip smart.

ENERGY With a healthy dose of natural energy, SIX FOR MEN has a proprietary energy formula so you can get empowered and sustain that energy all day long. It gives you increased power and boosts your metabolism so you can tackle challenges and overcome obstacles throughout your day.

SIX even has 18 different strains of pro-biotics to keep your stomach and digestive system working properly. Most yogurts and other supplements have only 3 or 4 different strains.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It...

SIX FOR MEN Crushes the Competition! It is the most comprehensive supplement program for men available anywhere and was specifically designed to help active, athletic guys like you maintain the fitness level they desire. Listen to what this professional athlete who used SIX FOR MEN has to say:

“Increased Energy and Performance – This is not only seen during my training sessions, but throughout the day. I can pinpoint specific improvements in my training sessions and I believe are due to SIX FOR MEN.

Increased Attentiveness – This will be needed during longer training session and during racing when mental control is needed as well as strategic decisions have to be made when fatigued.

Improved Recovery – Before taking SIX FOR MEN, and even during a two week period while not running, I was wearing my compression clothing to bed 2-3 times a week. This was to help aid in recovery due to back-to-back hard days. I usually wore it when I knew that I’d be feeling fatigued the next day or when I was already fatigued. The fatigue I’m referring to is muscle fatigue. Anyways, since using SIX FOR MEN, without even thinking about it, I haven’t used my compression clothes. I just haven’t felt the need. This includes a string of days that I did a 2 hour bike ride one day, 2 hours again the next and 3 hours the following!”
--- Jameson King, Pro Triathlete

SIX FOR MEN is easy to use. Each daily pouch contains six different colored capsules, each of which contains premium ingredients that serve a specific purpose in strengthening your body and improving your health. SIX FOR MEN is delivered to your door in a one-month supply housed in a stylish black box that will look great on your dresser or in your gym bag.

“I had been taking multivitamins for years but I had to mix and match three or four different pills from a few different companies. This was annoying and I often would run out of pills at different times so it was not at all consistent. I found SIX FOR MEN and realized that not only could I get the consistency I wanted but also that I got an incredibly rounded vitamin. Within the first day of taking six I felt a difference. After only a week I noticed that I had increased energy and even more regularity in sleeping and other areas of my life. I cannot imagine life now without SIX.”
--- Nate Farnsworth, Cyclist, Fitness Coach

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